Freedom, Serenity, and Beautiful Nature!


Nature is so vast and so beautiful. You don’t have to be rich to enjoy it! Well… it is the time of year for gas prices to go up… I’m just kidding. The single most precious thing in life is your view of life. Some people can hike a mountain, complain the whole way, and not enjoy the view because the hike wore them out. Other people, like myself, will hike, climb, or do whatever it takes to make it to the top just to witness the view. Yes, I may be difficult but at the end it is rewarding.

This relates heavily on day to day, moment to moment life. Pessimistic vs optimistic. No matter how beautiful something may be, a pessimist will always find something unsatisfying while the optimist can enjoy the beauty.

I personally find nature as a form of therapy. A hike in the mountains where there is no phone signal, no stores, no politics, and nothing but shear scenery is when you truly have an opportunity to observe how beautiful life really is.


The harder it is, the more worth it it will be. Take a look at round and clear your head for just a shear moment and enjoy what you see. Nature is beautiful and the single most valuable part of our lives.


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