The Vast Footprint

Through continuous observation of many companies that I have worked for or with, even companies I have researched about, I have noticed and extraordinary trend from the steady to the successful. Their footprint. The steady always seem to limit themselves to one spot or one general region. On the other hand, the successful tend to set no limitations. They leave a specific city out of their name, they target multiple marketplaces in one, they target other large company’s and brands to expand publicity along that company/brand’s client base, and the also network by…wait for it…


One of the single largest advantages you can have over other competition is what I like to call is your footprint. Staying stationary will leave you in this box and no matter how hard you work, how much you want to get out, you never will until you focus on a much larger scale. Say you have a business in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s an excellent start considering Atlanta is a great starting ground for many entrepreneurs but I’m watching so many of them making the same mistakes:

  • Limiting expansion by name
  • Limiting themselves to one simple service
  • Thinking they made it simply by have a single company they made
  • Not being proactive by contacting other similar companies and brands
  • Also, not leaving a foundational footprint in different regions

A primary example is Atlanta Luxury Motors. Although Atlanta Luxury Motors is an extraordinary luxury car dealership that I would definitely recommend everyone to checkout, the company is significantly limited. Atlanta Luxury Motors is one of the fast growing luxury used vehicle dealerships in the southeast with 7 dealerships but, as you can see, the name holds the company near Atlanta. This alone does further difficult national or even international expansion no matter how many services they may offer or how many different regions they decide leave their footprint. Yes, people all over the U.S. fly to Atlanta Luxury Motors do to their extremely low markups and competitive pricing but if ALM were to spread nationally, it would be far more accessible for customers thus dramatically increasing revenue. The first step is creating a unique name that can be used everywhere. Then, developing a more national network. Finally, execute the expansion one region at a time. That’s when the footprint truly comes into play. It can very simply turn a multi-million dollar company into a multi-BILLION dollar company.

Uber, Spotify, EBay, Amazon, and even Carvana have successful left footprints nationally and even internationally by following those key expansion tactics. Each offering several services relative to their primary intention, working with other major companies/brands to further expand their market audience, also traveling extensively to leave their foundational footprint to ensure their brand does not go unheard of. 

For any visionary, start-up company, or existing company, I challenge you to follow these tips. I challenge to focus on your business as if it were to be a person of its own. Obviously every entrepreneur is going to raise their business as they would their own child, but raise it to see the world with no limitations. Leave that FOOTPRINT, get in contact with everyone that shares similar ideas, learn from others’ mistakes, be extra creative, be the NEXT LARGEST TREND!

Remember, this is our LIMITLESS LIVING! The only Limitation are the ones we set for ourselves! 


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