Increase Conversion Rates and Customer Base

It’s been a long time since I have posted on my blog because I’ve been making major moves! I want introduce my company, FINAL PROMO, LLC (!! Final Promo is now 100% functional and ready to help your company expand.Β 

I created this company specifically for you. Making dreams come true is a dream come true! The business you create is like art work. You sculpt your dreams to life. Yet, the most significant struggle is the conversion rate. That is where Final Promo comes in. By strategically targeting your social media and unique event management, we have mastered the craft of, not only increasing your conversion rates, but also increasing your customer base.

We all know that social media is a significant part of our lives today. Facebook alone recently even broke 2BILLION users. That doesn’t even include Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, etc. Social media is now the most powerful form of marketing so why spend $10,000+ a month on a billboard when everyone is on their phones driving and not paying attention or yelling at the car in front of them to get out of the way. Billboards are simply out of date. With social media, you can actually specify the exact demographics and psychographics that you company targets. Why spend so much money on billboards when MAYBE 10% of the people who see in (in that one area) will be interested? No social media makes it inexpensive and easy to target the exact customer base who will be interested.

Business-man-on-social-mediaIf you hire Final Promo to handle you company’s digital marketing, we will not only create and manage you social media pages, we will use unique tactics to create campaigns to drive in new customers, campaigns that increase your sales, post engaging content to amplify awareness/followers, and we will also gauge the analytics to ensure your pages and campaigns are successful. I also GAURANTEE you will save money and see a much more substantial growth than you would if you hired an employ to handle your digital marketing.

Other than digital marketing, Final Promo offers event consultation and management packages. We will help you establish an interactive event for your team, existing customers, or even an event to drive in more customers. Actually, if you want, we will handle all of it for you. This way you can just sit back, have fun, and watch us work our magic.

Final Promo has already helped many companies grow and we have even partnered with the Nashville Board of Tourism. We would love to help you accomplish goals. You can even contact me, Nathan Jones, directly and I will personally ensure the success of your investment with Final Promo.

I hope to hear from you and help you increase the success of your company!!





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